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Custom Decks was created by a combination of a father (Wilfried) and son (Corné). The combination of a passionate skater (Corné) and a dedicated photo and graphic printer (Wilfried) led to the idea for Custom Decks. Corné has always had an interest in making "Custom Decks", from cutting griptape to spraying the bottom of a blank deck. With Custom Decks, we aim to offer something new to the skate and art scene in Europe. Custom Decks strives to produce the highest quality graphics on the most premium decks on the market. By the highest quality, we mean achieving target-specific printing methods, namely "heat transfers" and "wall-art transfers", delivering the best printing quality, and using premium decks of the highest quality. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and, in our own way, do our best to achieve and maintain it.

An accessible product

By the end of 2017, the concept was starting to take shape, and there had already been a lot of experimentation with various printing techniques. Because we want to make it an accessible product for consumers, we believe it is important that orders can be placed from one piece upwards. While this is often not possible with other providers, we have set up our production processes in such a way that it is possible with Custom Decks. After years of development, the high start-up costs have been eliminated, and we work for each target-specific printing method from batches of one piece upwards. This is how we have realized the concept of Custom Decks in our own way. 


We believe that every design is a work of art and every production should be treated as such. In our opinion, you can design a graphic, have the deck made, and then hang it on your wall at home as a work of art. Of course, the decks are also great for showing off at your local park or on the streets!